Selected Journal Publications

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Selected Working Papers

Li B, Xie Y, Hong Y, Shi W. 2023. Unpacking Firms’ Non-Market Responses to Data Breaches: Evidence from Cybersecurity Lobbying Activities

He Q, Hong Y, Raghu TS. 2023. The Effects of Machine-powered Platform Governance: An Empirical Study of Content Moderation

Liang C, Hong Y, Gu B. 2023. Can Monitoring Help Flatten the World? An Empirical Examination of Online Hiring

Mousavi R, Wang X, Hong Y, Ren Y. 2023. The Impacts of the Physical Environment on Online Content Creation

Liu Q, Du Q, Hong Y, Fan W. 2023. Idea Recommendation in Open Innovation Platforms: A Design Science Approach

Liang C, Hong Y, Gu B. 2023. Does Monitoring Lead to a ‘Warm’ Start in Online Platforms?

Zhao K, Hong Y, Ma T, Lu Y, Hu Y. 2022. Group Size, Content Moderators, and User Engagement in Online Synchronous Content Platforms

He Y, Xu X, Huang N, Hong Y, Liu D. 2020. Preserving User Privacy Through Ephemeral Sharing Design: A Large-Scale Randomized Field Experiment in the Online Dating Context